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Welcome to The Alan IF Documentation Project

Here you will find the latest and greatest version of various documentation for the Alan Interactive Fiction Language, tools and libraries.

The Manual

The Language manual is the primary documentation of the Alan language from an author’s point of view.

It exists in two versions matching the two current development flows:

Alan Cookbook

The ALAN Cookbook, by Anssi Räisänen, contains an extensive list of tips and tricks on how to program various things and achieve various effects in the ALAN language. It covers both basic things available in the Alan language, and more advanced topics supported by the Standard Library v2.

ALAN 3 Beginner’s Guide

Michael Arnaud’s Alan 3 Beginner’s Guide (2006) is an excellent step-by-step tutorial that will guide the reader through the creation of a full adventure using ALAN Library v0.6.2 — the TV TIME! adventure.

Alan Conversion Guide - v2 to v3

This document tries to ease the transition from Alan v2 to Alan v3. It discusses both differences and gives some hands-on tips on how to do the transition.

Alan IDE Reference Guide

An excellent guide by Robert DeFord on how to install, configure and use the Alan IDE to craft text adventure in ALAN IF.


These documents are still incomplete, but might be helpful to better understand technical aspects about Alan and its design principles.

NOTE: These documents may be inaccurate in details.